Offer 1-Click Demos at Your Next Virtual Event

In-person B2B software events are a thing of the past. Today, instead of event attendees taking flights to your event, they're walking a few seconds to their home office. And instead of meeting colleagues at hotel reception, they're participating in virtual lunch roulettes.

What else has drastically changed in 2020 and 2021? Product demos.

In-person events made product demos easy. Virtual events, however, are inefficient at converting attendees to demos or trials. So how do you convert more event attendees?

Companies are providing 1-Click Demos of their products using Appsembler's Virtual Labs. With this add-on, software companies are converting a higher % of their attendees to product trials and improving their event's ROI.

These 1-Click Demos are made possible with virtual labs, where complex software environments are pre-built—removing installation time for virtual event attendees.

See screenshot to the right showing Dremio's virtual booth with 1-Click Demos included.

To explore adding a 1-Click Demo to your virtual booth, fill-out the form below:

Dremio Virtual Booth-1

What our customers say

“With Appsembler, we’ve been able to build a scalable learning machine that makes our customers, employees, and partners more successful.”

“The biggest advantage of using Appsembler's Virtual Labs has been our ability to isolate learning for our audience.”

“Our number one goal is to continue educating and finding ways to share the power of Redis with as many technologists as possible.”


Offer 1-Click Demos at Virtual Events