The 5 Benefits of Developer Marketing

When Twilio launched their now-famous “Ask Your Developer” campaign in 2015, it was a landmark event that the technology industry will always remember. And in retrospect, what started as a marketing campaign to improve Twilio’s product awareness became the birth of a new category: developer marketing.

Fast forward several years and companies like Slack, Plaid, Docker, MongoDB, Kong, Redis, and Stripe have all reached billion-dollar valuations backed by vibrant and engaged developer communities.

But how did these companies get there?

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  • Real-life examples of what developer marketers are doing today to activate developer communities
  • The 2 themes that drive developer marketing success
  • What % of companies today have developer marketing teams
  • How to articulate the value of developer marketing to your stakeholders


Appsembler Developer Marketing Platform

"With Appsembler, we built a free online platform to enable our developers to learn the software in a hands on manner. And that's what's really important."

“The biggest advantage of using Appsembler's Virtual Labs has been our ability to isolate learning for our audience.”

“Our number one goal is to continue educating and finding ways to share the power of Redis with as many technologists as possible.”